Tokyo Electron(TEL) Begins Marketing, Sales and Support for New Generation Ion Implantation Systems from AIBT Inc.

11 Mar. 2004

Tokyo, Japan, Mar. 11, 2004 - (JCN Newswire) - Tokyo Electron Limited, announced today that it will sign a distributor contract with Advanced Ion Implant Technology, Inc. (AIBT) and will begin marketing, sales and support in Japan, US, Korea and Europe for iStar, an ion implantation system from AIBT.

Ion implantation processes for shrinking device sizes require more precision for dosage and energy purity control. To fulfill production needs for 90nm and beyond, it is crucial to achieve high current, extremely low beam energy, as well as high tilt angle for HALO/pocket implantation.

iStar is a low energy, high current batch mode ion implanter most suitable for ultra shallow junction (USJ) formation for advanced technology nodes. Its unique tall beam design is a breakthrough technology that achieves high beam current (2mA) at extremely low energy (100eV) without sacrificing throughput. The beam current for iStar is about 2x to 4x higher than other high current implanters. The special design is also implemented to achieve beam energy purity of greater than 99.9%. Rotatable wafer pad design enables the system to perform a +/- 45 degree tilt angle implant. The system ensures reliable wafer transfers through use of a horizontal wafer transfer system, rather than the vertical robot used by other batch mode implanters.

iStar is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to meet both conventional and upcoming requirements on the production line. Its unique tall beam design and extra energy filter, coupled with large tilt angle capability solve application concerns in process and energy contamination control for batch-type implantation tools. iStar will achieve low cost of ownership by both reducing capital and operating expenses while offering high throughput.

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